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What Homeowners Should Expect from a Professional Appliance Repair Technician

An appliance repair technician is a professional who installs numerous appliances, performs maintenance, repairs, and replaces parts when needed. Most have a very general knowledge on appliance repairs and are able to work on different kinds of devices and fixtures. Whilst others specialize in more specific services, like electrical or plumbing work. They could work in a repair or retail store or even be self-employed.

Most are able to perform maintenance on minor appliances, like vacuum cleaners and microwaves. They work in repair shops where people will bring in their faulty appliances. A repair technician will take apart an appliance in order to diagnose what the problem is, do the necessary repairs, and then put it back together again. Some jobs only call for minor repairs, like changing a belt, whilst others could need more extensive work, like an electrical motor, for instance.

Larger appliances within homes often need routine maintenance and repairs by a trained appliance repair technician. They will install and repair these appliances, ranging from oven, dishwashers, dryer and washing machines. Often, they are called in to perform major repairs upon damaged or faulty electrical systems or on gas appliances. Which is why they must have a good understanding of how electricity and physics work, in order to avoid hazards and accidents whilst working. Some receive specialized training to be able to work on freezers and refrigerators, where they will be taught on how to properly handle and dispose of hazardous refrigerants.

In order to become such a technician, you will need to obtain a high school diploma or a GED. Community college programs offering appliance repair are helpful for new technicians looking for work. Most will receive informal and paid training under the strict supervision of a more experienced technician for a minimum of 1 year, depending upon their employer’s needs and the amount of proficiency they already have. Additional licensing is not normally needed to become an appliance technician, although some choose to improve their chances by sitting a certification exam.

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